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Jim is a local trumpet player and member of the Fresh Produce marketing agency team. He developed his passion for music growing up in Rapid City, South Dakota, then at SDSU in Brookings. Jim is a board member of the South Dakota Arts Council and has worked with many arts orginaizations. 


Joel works as a freelance saxophone player and educator. He grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and has studied in Minneapolis, Kansas City and at USD in Vermillion. Joel composes and arranges for various ensembles and is the musical leader of multiple groups in the region. 

Dakota Musicians Collective was started by Jim Speirs and Joel Shotwell. They saw an opportunity in the Sioux Falls area to connect the highest quality professional musicians with clients that would benefit their services.




Jim Speirs and Joel Shotwell have been professional musicians in the Sioux Falls area for a combined 30 years. Playing with groups such as Main Avenue Warehouse, JAS Quintet, Quartus, South Dakota Jazz Orchestra, The Hegg Brothers, Dakota Jazz Collective, Solano Lopez Orchestra, Sioux Empire Brass, Sioux Falls Municipal Band, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and many more. 


Joel and Jim started playing music together about 10 years ago in the basement of a local jazz club, The Touch Of Europe. Their musical bond is apparent on and off stage. It is clear their passion is making and being a part of the regional music culture.


They realize the importance of live music in our culture and how it can make an event a special experience. It is their commitment to present and promote only the finest of local and regional talent. 


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